IBM Mainframe S390X

Our JIT implements the 64 bit version of the IBM Mainframe called s390x. Note that this architecture is big endian.

Currently supported ISAs:

  • z13 (released January 2015)
  • zEC12 (released September 2012)
  • z196 (released August 2010)
  • z10 (released February 2008)

To check if all the necessary CPU facilities are installed on the subject machine, please run the test using a copy of the pypy source code:

$ ./ rpython/jit/backend/zarch/test/test_assembler -v -k 'test_facility'

In addition you can run the auto encoding test to check if your Linux GCC tool chain is able to compile all instructions used in the JIT backend:

$ ./ rpython/jit/backend/zarch/test/ -v


Specifically check for these two dependencies. On old versions of some Linux distributions ship older versions.

  • libffi (version should do > 3.0.+).
  • CPython 2.7.+.