RPython directory cross-reference

Here is a fully referenced alphabetical two-level deep directory overview of RPython:

Directory explanation/links
rpython/annotator/ type inferencing code for RPython programs
rpython/config/ handles the numerous options for RPython
rpython/flowspace/ the flow graph builder implementing abstract interpretation
rpython/rlib/ a “standard library” for RPython programs
rpython/rtyper/ the RPython Typer
rpython/rtyper/lltypesystem/ the low-level type system for C-like backends
rpython/memory/ the garbage collector construction framework
rpython/tool/algo/ general-purpose algorithmic and mathematic tools
rpython/translator/ translation backends and support code
rpython/translator/backendopt/ general optimizations that run before a backend generates code
rpython/translator/c/ the GenC backend, producing C code from an RPython program (generally via the rtyper)
rpython/translator/jvm/ the Java backend
rpython/translator/tool/ helper tools for translation
dotviewer/ graph viewer